Choosing the best hunting boots has little to do with aesthetics or brands. Blisters, pinched toes and sore heels among other injuries are all you get to show for donning unsuitable hunting boots. Let’s not even mention walking around in soggy socks because your boots let water in and now your feet are freezing. Have you checked whether your boots are ready for hunting this season? If they were teetering on the edge last season, you need to let them retire. Nothing puts a dumper to a long anticipated hunt like the wrong hunting gear.

You need strong and durable boots to take you as far as want while hunting. Danner forgoes quantity for quality and it is evident in their Men’s High Ground 8” Realtree Xtra Hunting Boot retailing at a very accessible price. They put their best foot forward designing a shoe that is comfortable as it is lovely. The hunting boot has been hailed for being light on the feet making it easier to run after game on any terrain.

best hunting boots

Are Danner’s High Ground Boots the best hunting boots out there?

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Product Specifications

  • Made of leather and fabric – makes the boot sturdy and durable
  • Has a rubber sole – offers better traction
  • Shaft measures 8.75” from arch
  • Has an adjustable circumference with a removable insole – makes cleaning the shoe easier

Lighter Is Better

Danner sure knows how to impress its clients. If you are a high speed hunter, you crave the best hunting boots. Boots that are comfortable yet allowing for easy movement. The boot has an ‘athletic shoe’ attribute making it a sturdy boot that doesn’t hold you down – quite literary. It lists at 46 ounces per pair but feels lighter than that. It delivers ankle support giving stability and minimizing risks like straining an ankle.

Material And Color

The boot’s material will keep it flying off the shelves. It is made of Gore-Tex meaning it is absolutely waterproof but still keeps your feet breathing. The entire footbed is made of polypropylene providing ventilation and enabling additional breathing. I find this to be a strong selling point because stuffy shoes make your feet sweat (more than usual if yours normally sweat) making it unbearable to wear them all day.

The hunting boot comes in jungle green and brown. I am not sure if Danner had camouflage in mind because it blends naturally with the environment

Our Take – Are These The Best Hunting Boots?

The Danner Men’s High Ground Realtree Xtra Hunting Boot is designed with all terrain in mind. Going down a mountain side feels as natural as walking on a plateau. The boot follows the curvature of the foot sole helping your foot lay naturally inside. Fitting as per expectation is 86% so if you are a size 8, highest probability is their size 8 will fit. Most buyers agree that it is light and the comfort it offers makes it the best men’s hunting shoe. The only con some customers have sited is the fact that this is an uninsulated model. But hey, you can wear it from early season right through to mid-season so I bet you are getting a good bargain.

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