Most would agree that deadlifting is almost a sport on itself. Not only does it take time to master the technique of proper deadlifting, but in order to maximize the benefits of the deadlift and to perform it in the safest and most efficient way, you need very specific gear. Even though items such as straps and specific suits get all the attention among deadlifters, many forget one key element that can make a huge impact on your  technique and the weight you pull in this excercise: using deadlift shoes.

Using proper footwear while performing a deadlift is of vital importance if your  goal is to maximize your performance in this exercise. If you are using regular sports shoes to deadlift, you are most likely doing yourself a disservice in terms of comfort and efficiency, because these types of shoes are not particularly well suited for optimal deadlifting.

What to take into account when buying deadlift shoes?

When shopping for the best deadlift shoes, you need to take mainly the following aspects into account:

Low heel height: this is probably the most important consideration. You’ll want shoes that put you as close as possible to the ground to maximize stability and pulling force. This is why high-heeled footwear such as basketball shoes or walking shoes for example, are not ideal for deadlifting.

Traction: even though good technique alone together with low heeled footwear and a deadlift belt should keep you very stable, when you start to move considerable weight in your deadlift, it is always a good idea to have an extra measure of security. This can be obtained by deadlift shoes that have an outsole material that provides good traction to prevent any potential slipping while pulling the weight.

Durability: deadlifting can be pretty strenuous to the shoes you wear, so you want to make sure that they are built with a durable material that will withstand session after session of heavy pulling. This includes the material of the insole, which should be as less compressive as possible.

Which are the best shoes for deadlift?

Going by what we described as the main aspects you need to consider when purchasing deadlift shoes, we’ve selected four of the best models for deadlifting that are currently being sold on the market right now in our opinion.

Some are specifically designed for deadlifting while others are weightlifting shoes that can be used not only to deadlift, but also for your squats, snatches, presses, etc.

After reading you’ll get a clearer idea of what you can expect from each model and you’ll be able to decide which one is the best option for you.

Pick #1: Adidas Performance Adipower Weightlifting Trainer Shoe

As the name suggests this shoe is meant not only for deadlifting but  for weightlifting in general.


Adidas Performance Adipower Weightlifting Trainer Shoe - Side view

Adidas Performance Adipower Weightlifting Trainer Shoe

Main Features

The outer part of the shoe is PU-coated leather. Why is this great? It maximizes support and guarantees comfort. What’s more: it’s lined with comfortable textile on the inside to further guarantee comfort.

To guarantee strength, the shoe is fitted with a weightlift-engineered chassis. That’s not all; the chassis is lightweight and injected with a polymer to maximize the shoe’s strength.

An overlay heel is fitted to boost the shoes superb lightweight stability. In addition to that, there are VentFlow openings on the outside of this deadlift shoe to guarantee comfort.

In order to guarantee your rear foot’s integrity, an adjustable hook and loop instep strap is fitted.

A rubber sole is fitted on the shoe. This is meant to guarantee grip and prevent slipping or rolling over.

Bonus features

On top of being coated in leather the shoe is also made of synthetic materials. These materials work to maximize your shoes’ durability.

The weightlift-design is specially made to allow for support on heavier loads in all your lifts. You won’t have to worry about the shoes once you switch to heavier weights.

A mesh tongue and collar are fitted to allow for extra comfort.

To cap it all off. There’s a power strap fitted across the laces that allows you to lock down your foot.


  • Weightlift chassis that allows heavier loads and weights.
  • Synthetic and leather coating to guarantee durability.
  • Rubber soles meant to enhance grip and traction.
  • Collar and mesh tongues fitted for extra comfort.
  • Lightweight chassis allows for faster movement.
  • The inside of the shoe is fitted with comfortable textile.
  • Power strap design allows you to lock down the shoe.


  • Not the most comfortable option for folks with very wide feet.
  • Unlike other weightlifting shoes, it’s only available in two colors.


What are consumers saying about the shoe?

The most common compliment regarding the shoe is how stable it is. On top of that, it’s very solid. In addition to this, the shoe is eye-catching.

As a result of its design previous customers have complemented how well it fits while deadlifting, which impacted directly on the weight they could move. Your legs are left in an excellent position to drive power. The only downer, according to previous buyers,  is the shoes feel uncomfortable when used outside of a gym. However, they claim they got rapidly used to this and the discomfort went away after three or four uses.

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Pick #2: Adidas Performance Men’s Powerlift.3 Cross-trainer Shoe

Also an Adidas shoe, it has some very interesting features that make it solid enough to make it on our list and among the best shoes for squats and deadlifts.


Adidas Performance Men's Powerlift.3 Cross-trainer Shoe - Side view

          Adidas Performance Men’s Powerlift.3 Cross-trainer Shoe

Main Features

After working out in the gym for a while similar shoes feel a bit tight. This is where this shoe’s feature of removable insoles comes in handy.

To enhance comfort and breathability the shoes are fitted with an open forefoot and flexible toe. This feature will feel like a masterstroke once you’ve been in the gym for a while.

This weightlifting shoe is lightweight due to the synthetic upper it’s made of. The lightweight nature provides durability and support when you’re in the gym.

You won’t have to worry about stability of the shoe since it’s fitted with a midsole wedge and an anti-slip rubber outsole.

Bonus features.

An extra-wide design allows your foot to spread over a large area. The benefit to this feature is it guarantees grip and stability, which provides a solid foundation from which you can comfortable and efficiently lift heavy loads.

A wide mid-foot strap allows for extra support. The beauty to this feature is you get to adjust how snug you want your foot to feel inside the shoe.

To allow for extra breathability, this deadlift shoe is fitted with an air mesh collar, lining and tongue. The days of sweating inside the shoe are long-gone.


  • Available in a multitude of colors.
  • Wide design that allows maximum grip.
  • A mid-foot strap guarantees extra support.
  • Great breathable design.
  • It’s made of durable and lightweight synthetic material.
  • The open forefoot design maximizes comfort.
  • A removable insole is fitted to allow for washing or changing.


  • They’re relatively high priced compared to similar products.
  • Uncomfortable once you leave the gym or workout area.

What are customers’ thoughts on the shoe?

The first words out of a customer’s mouth once they wear the shoe are how easily they fit. What’s more, they feel comfortable. Compared to their predecessor the manufacturer upped the ante. This is no mean feat considering the previous versions were durable and stylish at the same time.

In addition to feeling great, the shoes give you a sense of security due to their superior design. If you’re buying them as a gift for a friend rest assured they’ll be impressed. The breathable design works wonders for people who have sweaty feet when working out.

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Pick #3 Reebok Men’s Lifter Pr Cross-trainer Shoe

This is also one of the best deadlift shoes available on the market and here’s why:


Reebok Men's Lifter Pr Cross-trainer Shoe - Side view

                          Reebok Men’s Lifter Pr Cross-trainer Shoe

Main Features

It’s made of synthetic materials. The beauty to this is the materials are meant to look good while having no compromise on the shoes durability.

On the inside of the shoe you’ll find anti-friction lining. This eliminates the uncomfortable feeling you get once you’ve been in the gym for a while.

The shoe incorporates a rubber sole. It means you won’t have to worry about slipping or rolling over when you’re in the shoe.

To guarantee extra stability and comfort the shoe is fitted with a flex grooved outsole.

Unlike other similar shoes, this one’s fitted with a form of heat-activated technology on the foot wrap. Why is this great?  It molds to you, guaranteeing a customized fit with no break-in time.

On top of having synthetic constituent materials the shoe is coated with leather at the toe end. In addition to giving the shoe an extra aesthetic look, it gives the shoe extra comfort and durability.

Bonus features.

For extra stability and comfort the shoe is fitted with two added strap closures. The heel clips hold your foot in place during workout. While lock down your foot remains in place.

Unlike other shoe making companies, Reebok was solely created to produce shoes for athletes. This means they have an edge over competition due to experience. This has to be considered as plus, because their specialization usually translates to great quality sports-specific shoes, and Reebok’s deadlift shoes are not exception.


  • Compared to other deadlift shoes, this shoe is fairly priced.
  • It’s fitted with the ground breaking heat activated technology.
  • A rubber sole guarantees extra stability and comfort.
  • Strap closures allow you adjust the shoes snugness.
  • An anti-friction lining is fitted inside the shoe.
  • Coated with both synthetic and leather materials to maximize on comfort and durability.
  • Fitted with a flex-grooved outsole.
  • Available in a variety of colors


  • You need to select the size carefully to guarantee a snug fit.

What do previous customers think of the shoes?

If you have wide feet and other shoes on the market have terribly disappointed you, these won’t. It has a stable and solid platform that molds to your foot perfectly irrespective of how wide your foot is.

Many customers that were buying weightlifting shoes for the first times said they loved these and felt very comfortable using them during heavy lifting gym sessions.

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Pick #4: SABO Deadlift Shoes

If you are looking for shoes specifically designed to deadlift as efficiently and safely as possible, SABO’s are a great option.


SABO Deadlift Shoes - 3/4 view

                                  SABO Deadlift Shoes

Main Features

It’s fitted with the latest fabric and leather material. On top of which, the constituent materials are perfectly cut to fit the shoe mold. This makes them optimal for deadlifting.

The soles are made ultra-thin measuring between 2-5mm. However, this isn’t a compromise on quality since they’re made of high density material. Specially made and designed to help with traction.

On the sides of the shoes are supports meant to help the shoe spread over the floor. It prevents your feet from rolling over as they would if you’d been wearing slippers.

At the front of the shoe are lateral straps. The straps are meant to ensure you get a perfect fit of the shoe. You can tune the tightness of the foot, heel and ankle using the straps.

Another great feature of this deadlift shoe is that new anatomical lasts were specially created and added to it to help you to exert maximal force in the pulling phase of the lift.

Bonus features

The soles are specially designed to be thin and flat so as to reduce the pulling distance. With a thin sole a barbell is higher up from the floor in comparison to the athlete.  This, therefore, allows more weight to be lifted.

Specialized footwear such as this one protects your feet from injury common to weightlifters. Playpodia (flattened arches) is a malady common to athletes. However, with these shoes that’s one less thing you need to worry about.

The shoes provide maximum stability to the ankles.

Unlike similar deadlift shoes, these ones are lightweight.


  • Specifically designed to deadlift.
  • Prevents injuries common to weightlifters and athletes.
  • Lateral straps that provide a perfect fit.
  • Anatomical lasts created to make deadlifting easier.
  • Maximum stability is provided to the ankles.
  • Ultra-thin soles meant to help with traction.
  • Due to thin and flat soles you’ll be able to lift more weight.
  • There are supports on the shoes’ sides meant to prevent rolling over.


  • Velcro straps can wear off a bit too quickly after continued use.

What are other customers saying?

Customers agree that the grip on this shoe can only be classified as exemplary. You won’t have to worry about sliding or falling over when in these shoes. This means you can deadlift with no fears of your safety. On top of having great grip, previous buyers claim the shoes are very comfortable. Unlike similar shoes you can use them outside of the gym with relative ease.

The general consensus is that they fit great. Whether you have a narrow foot or a wide one they’ll easily fit you. The only downer is the shoes Velcro straps wear after a while.

Several buyers claim that once they started using these shoes they increased their weight load in a proportion similar to when they used deadlift straps for the first time.

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Conclusion – Which are the best deadlift shoes?

If you are serious about getting better on your deadlift, purchasing a proper pair of deadlifting shoes is something that you should strongly consider.

As we have seen above, once you have made up your mind the final question that remains to be answered is: should you get a pair of shoes specifically designed to deadlift? Or should you get weightlifting or powerlifting shoes that will also be useful for your other lifts?

The answer depends on your specific workout goals. If you are more concerned about improving your lifts overall, and not the deadlift specifically, shoes such as the Adidas Performance Adipower Weightlifting Trainer Shoe or the Reebok Men’s Lifter Pr Cross-trainer Shoe should be good enough for you. You’ll still deadlift better on them in comparison to regular tennis shoes and at the same time you’ll also have something suitable for other lifts such as squat and bench, and even the more dynamic Olympic lifts like snatches and cleans.

On the other hand, if your main goal is to improve your deadlift and you don’t want to leave no stone unturned in doing so, then purchasing the SABO Deadlift Shoes would be a great idea. These shoes are just unmatched in terms of deadlift specificity. No other shoe can give you the same cost/benefit ratio as far as deadlifting goes.

So, to sum up, if you are or want to be a hardcore deadlifter and want to focus on that lift and take it to the next level, the SABO’s will be your best option. On the other hand, if you want footwear that will improve your deadlift but you also would like to use the same shoes for your other lifts, you should probably pick one of the other 3 options of weightlifting shoes described above, which have a broader spectrum of use.