Still doubting about getting snake proof boots? Some areas of the USA are awash with a snake problem. In fact 47 out of 50 states are home to venomous snakes. It is the same for other parts of the world because Antarctica is the only snake free continent on earth.

Performing outdoor activities such as hiking is a daytime nightmare especially if you are the back man. Apparently he’s normally the one at the receiving end of a snake’s fangs after the first man has spooked it. It might be a myth or not but I’ll bet my two cents that no one wants to prove it true or false. I for one know looking for snakes and rattling them so that they eeer…bite my friend is not a favorite past time of mine. You never know if a copper head will bite you on the hand while you are picking a rock (to spook them with) – saving your friend (who you had dragged along after gagging and tying him up. No one volunteers to get bitten by a snake)

In El Paso, snakes crawl out at night to get warm and maybe share ghost stories with you over camp fire marshmallows. It is a desert and it gets cold at night. Now we could all stay at home and play the piccolo but that’s not what life is about. If you want to go out and have fun, you have to be protected. Buy snake proof boots. I am not saying that snakes won’t try to bite you because you are donned in flashy protective boots. What I am saying is that this time round, the story won’t end well for the snake.

Snake Proof Boots

Using the correct snake proof boots could literally be a matter of life and death

So what aspects should you consider while buying snake proof boots?


One would think that there is no need to buy snake proof boots if you have leather boots. Material and make, however, do matter. The probability of a snake biting through leather is minimal but who would trust their life to probability? The best snake proof boots consist of puncture proof material. While snake proof boots are made of leather, it is different from regular leather boots. Most incorporate fabric and tough nylon material such as Cordura alongside leather. You know what this means don’t you. Time to go shoe shopping.


Do you have a clear idea of the purpose for the boots? Buy a pair that corresponds to the land you will be walking on. Imagine hiking in hip length snake proof boots. Now that is a queer site. There are specific types of snake proof boots for every occasion. It is important to note that the higher up it extends the better protection you are accorded. Most snake bites occur on the lower half of the leg.


Most companies make more or less similar snake proof boots. Disparities come in aspects like fitting, and weight. Shop around for a great deal because whatever you pick won’t be any much different than the other. In truth though, with most boots retailing at an average of $150, the price is a bargain compare to treating a poisonous snake bite. It costs around $20,000 to treat such bites.


A good snake proof boot won’t have you giving up the traction. It is light weight and provides support just like a regular hiking boot. It should be water proof with the added advantage of flexibility. Ventilation is a plus because you don’t want to wear a gas mask in the evening when removing your shoes. Avoid rigid leather, while it might be great for protection, it offers zero comfort. Test boots for comfort before taking them out for use.

This is a vital factor to consider while purchasing snake proof boots. Snakes are ambush stalkers so they strike the foot or lower leg in a bid to stay unnoticed. Standard snake boots come in heights from 16 inches to 18 inches. Some snakes can strike higher than that. It is wise to be informed about snakes in the area to make a sound decision on whether you need higher boots or not.

Customer’s reviews

Read reviews from previous buyers on sites such as, on blogs and journals. This gives you an idea of how different brands of boots perform and which to pick. You don’t want to learn from a bad experience firsthand

Types of boots you should consider

Walking snake boots.

These are mostly used for hiking. Ground to be covered is more and so is the number of snakes likely to be encountered. A quality, fitting, light and comfortable shoe is needed. Snake boots can get warm so the lighter they are the better. Leather and fabric is preferred to nylon material

Casual wear snake boots

These are stylish and expensive (they must be selling the looks). Still, they are effective, comfortable and easy enough to the eye for daily wear. Among the most popular is the western style boot that goes up to the knee.

Gardening snake boots

Working in the garden increases your chances of getting bit by a snake. Boots for this purpose are light and are easy to put on and remove. Lace ups offer more support but are harder to put on.

Hunting snake boots.

There are different ways of hunting so hunting boots to fend of snake bites depend on; the area of the hunt, the pet being hunted and the amount of activities carried out during the day.

If the hunt requires a lot of backpacking, lace ups are ideal. If you are hunting from a tree stand and are keen on scent control, rubber snake proof boots are your best bet. When hunting out of your blind, boots that extend to your knee such as western style boots are what you need.

While there is no certainty on what brands will benefit you the most. Here are a few boots you should check out.

  1. Lacrosse Men’s Venom Scent APG HD
  2. Rocky Men’s Lynx Snake Hunting Boot
  3. Bushnell Prohunter Hunting Boot


When all is said and done.

If you want to have a blast outdoors, you need to invest in snake proof boots. They are foot friendly. You are assured your feet won’t get wet or hurt and you don’t have to think about getting bit by a snake. Be as enthusiastic about saving your life as you are about gardening or hunting. Remember snake boots are only effective if they are on when needed. Steer clear off sleazy salesmen that try to sell you specialized snake boots. A pair of normal snake proof boots will work just as fine protecting you from a bushmaster’s fangs as “bushmaster boots”. There is no difference between the two. Well, actually there is a difference, the extra bucks you will cough up.